WebApp for the management of Detections in Mobility

► The application is useful in the sectors:

● Oli&Gas ● Water ● Eletric

● Service

► Is addressed:

● Gas distributors ● Eletricity distributors

● Water distributors

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● WebApp able to manage the operations of reading detection, enabling to the managers of address the multiple Issues related to planning tour, well as the management of disputes thanks to geolocation system, thanks to the adoption of the barcode and/or QRCode readable portable terminals or other access control systems.

● It's a solution professional, modern, highly innovative and extremely easy to use thanks to intuitive and attractive graphics.

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● It's a web based application residing in the data center ISNow® in which the user logs in with a username and password from any fixed or mobile as Cloud Computing, provided it is able to surf the internet with the most common browsers.

● The operation of the WebApp is guaranteed 99,9% in terms of SLA - Servece Level Agreement - thanks to the redundancy of the Data Center of ISNow® and their geographical location.

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● Is a software studied to be easy to use and complete in all aspects.

● It's totally customizable for all user needs

● It's totally integrated with billing system of third part.

● Work safety, minimization of risks and errors, empowerment of employees, dematerialisation and optimization of working procedures.

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