WebApp per la gestione e informatizzazione di sistemi di rilevamento e monitoraggio in real-time di strutture idriche e idrauliche

► The Application is profit sector:

● Industry ● Water

► ISNow® developed at the request of its customers new modules are fully integrated and sewn on the customer's company procedures, dematerialization so traditional company workflows and integrate them into working platform and creating added value.

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● WebApp frame modules and sections, can handle the planning of activities detection and monitoring of water infrastructure and hydraulic.

● It gives administrators the ability to monitor in real time the progress of the detections of operators in field.

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● It is a web based application residing in the data center ISNow® in which the user logs in with a username and password from any fixed or mobile as Cloud Computing, provided it is able to surf the internet with the most common browsers.

● The operation of the WebApp is guaranteed 99,9% in terms of SLA - Servece Level Agreement - thanks to the redundancy of the Data Center of ISNow® and their geographical location.

● integrable with modules

eStat ®, eToken ®, ePlanning ®

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● Is a software studied to be easy to use and complete in all functions.

● Applying Cloud allows you to monitor the state of progress of data collection and perform post- processing activities with the ability to generate advanced reports in real-time by the device of the client or third customer.

● Work safety, minimization of risks and errors, empowerment of employees, dematerialisation and optimization of working procedures.

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