WebApp for management and informatisation of work activities associated with industrial plants at risk of serious accidents

► The application is useful in the sectors:

● Industry ● Great Risks

● Plant Maintenance Complex

► Is addressed:

● Chemical industries / The steel Industry / Pharmaceutical

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● Web Application structured as a set of modules and selections, able to manage the work planning in industrial environments, the filing in of electronic work authorizations, the verification of safety prescriptions, the management of renewals and suspensions of work activities, their conclusion with taking charge of the employed fiwed assets

● It's a solution professional, moder, highly innovative and extremely easy to use thanks to the intuitive graphic and endearing.    

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ePdL® is a Web based application residing within ISNow® data center where the user enters by typing a username and a password. As a consequence, the client is able to enter the application from either fixed or mobile workstations, in cloud computing mode, as long as he is able to surf the Internet through a common browser. Web surfing security is guaranteed by the use of HTTPS protocol and of authorization technologies empowered by the Token system.

The Web Application effectiveness is 99,9 % guaranteed in terms of SLA - Service Level Agreement - thanks to ISNow data center redundancies and to their geographical dislocation. Moreover, PdL filing systems and storage times within the files are differently adjustable.

It works through modules:

ePlanning ® is able to genrate and to modify work scheduling, to link working activities to their PdL (working plan) and to follow their state of progress by means of time scales and colored bars

eGeoref ® is able to georeference on satellite maps the location of the fixed asset emplyed in work activities

eMap ® show the real-time geographic location of all work activities, by interacting with the eGeoref® module and with the state of progress of PdL. This module provides a powerful support to safety officers and to emergency services

eStat ® shows, by interacting with PdL, certifies and stocks preliminary fulfillment of requirements and assumptions of responsability connected to safety prescriptions

eToken ® allows the signature process of PdL, certifies and stock preliminary fulfillment of requirements and assumptions of responsability connected to safety prescriptions


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●  ePdL® offers to plant managers and to safety departments some powerful real-time tools to supervise and generate statistics about all ongoing, suspended or soon authorized work activities, by using public and/or proprietary satellite map interface.

ePdL® ensures then the full awareness of work in-progress activities and aims at detecting possible work interferences or emergences.

● Safety at work, minimization of risks and errors, responsibility of all the personnel, dematerialization, optimization of working routines ... all this is ePdL®.


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