WebApp for the field of Medicine it allows a practical, immadiate and secure mediacal records management

It allows you to abandon the paper

It streamlines the networking operation

Graphometric the signature solves the privacy issues related to the protection of sensitive information

Archiving documents in real time

Easy management of large inflows of patients

● Interfaces with multiple medical instrumentation such as: Spirometers, Audiometers, Electrocardiographs, etc ...


● It works even in the absence of internet access, on one or more devices, table pc

● Può generare facilmente report e statistiche


● It uses digital signature that allows the electronic storage of business records in compliance with the Italian legislation

► The application is particularly useful for:

● Work ● Medicine

► E' rivolto a:

● Istitute of Occupational Medicine


► ISNow® developed at the request of it's customers new modules are fully integrated and sewn entirely on of the customer business processes, dematerialization so the traditional workflow by integrating enterprise in the platform working and creating added value.


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● WebApp structure and forms section, able to manage in a simple way, rapid and effective essues relating ti the menagement of mediacal folders.

● The application streamlines operations networking folder sanitary diitized, allowing the operator to address the multiple problems regarding reservations is archiving documents, as well as physical management of large inflows of pubblic soon through the adoption of bar code and/or readable using portable terminals or other access control systems.

● It's a solution professional, moder, highly innovative and extremely easy to use thanks to the intuitive graphic and endearing.

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● It's a web-based application resident in the Data Center of  ISNow® to which the user logs on with a username and password from any fixed or mobile, in the connection mode Cloud Computing, provided it is able to surf the internet with the most common browser. The safety of navigation is guaranteed by the use of the protocol HTTPS and technologies through licensing system Token.

● The operability of the WebApp is guaranteed at the 99,9% in terms of SLA - Servece Level Agreement - thanks to the redundancy of the ISNow® data center and their geographical location.

● By entering access credentials to the system can diversify the levels of access to information, allowing each user of only the functions to which it is enabled and redendo so simple and safe operations.


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● Software designed to be easy to use complete in all aspect. It's totally customizable for all user needs.

● Sanitary folder can be customized with graphics and logos the customer, except space tied to the materials necessary and mandatory.

● It's can finally to abadon the traditional method of signature sanitary documents and saying goodbay ti the usual privacy concerns related to the protection of sensitive information. Thanks to the use Signature Graphometric affixed to documents from the operators participating in the completion of forms that make up the mediacal record, eMR® it allows you to abandon the paper!


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